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Companies around the world want to keep their data secured and for that, they want Cybersecurity Experts to secure their system from vicious security attacks that can cost companies millions of dollars. If you want to get hired as a Cybersecurity expert, this course is what you need. With 170+ hours of video lectures taught by some of the best cybersecurity experts out there, you will be able to turn yourself from a cybersecurity noob into a cybersecurity professional. You can study at your own pace according to your schedule. Once you finish this course, you will be able to use all the latest ethical hacking techniques to find security bugs in software, websites, and databases.

What's Included in This Mega Bundle?

In this highly detailed Online Ethical Hacking Certification, b28 cybersecurity courses will help you develop important cybersecurity skills. You can learn at your own pace, depending on your schedule and learning speed. This course will provide you with the most advanced information about the world of cybersecurity.

In this course, you will get hands-on experience with some of the most used cybersecurity tools. You’ll also learn the most advanced cybersecurity techniques.

Core Fundamentals of CEH - Certified Ethical Hacking

Learn about the most up-to-date information and system security technology and techniques.

Addressing Popular IT Security Myths

In-depth understanding of cybersecurity concepts and case studies that uncover cyberwar insights.

IT Security Trends in 2020

Improve your ability to create and implement effective IT skills.

Fundamentals of Data Security

Learn the fundamentals of cyber security tools and get expertise in data security.

Compliance in Data Security Policies

Improve your ability to create and implement effective data security policies.

Complete Guide to Cyber Risk Management

Utilize comprehensive evaluation approaches to master the risk management framework.

Activating Defence-in-Depth Security Model

To secure your career in the field of cyber security, learn the Defense in Depth technique.

Expert Disaster Recovery Planning

To secure your career in the field of cyber security, learn the Defense in Depth technique.

OSI Layers Security Threats Detection for Beginners

Identify and resolve risks associated with OSI model layers.

Threat Modelling & Classifications

Learn how to identify, quantify, and respond to cyber threats systematically.

Complete Guide to Cyber Risk Management

Learn how to manage risk using a framework that includes a variety of evaluation methods.

Introduction to Cyber Threats in 2020

Learn about the most up-to-date information and system security technology and approaches.

Fundamentals of Cryptography

Identify and evaluate encryption algorithms and procedures.

Wireless Networks Security 2020

Acquire experience and analytical skills in assessing wireless information security.

Operating Systems Security 2020

Learn how to build trust across a network of interconnected systems.

Mastering Access Control in DataSecurity

Learn about various access control mechanisms and how to implement them.

Windows Security & Server Management

From installing Windows Server to configuring users and security, you'll learn all you need to know.

Advance Cryptography Techniques

Learn how to use tried-and-true cryptographic methods to ensure data security.

Wireless and Mobile Hacking

Learn about the security of mobile devices and the architecture of mobile networks.

Python for Offensive Penetration Testing

Working samples to help you learn how to be a proficient penetration tester.

Wireless Network Security Certified Training

Learn how to set up a wireless network and how to keep it secure.

WiFi Hacking: Wireless Penetration Testing

Understanding the dangers and weaknesses associated with wireless technology.

Introduction to DDOS - Denial of Service

Threats of a DDoS assault and its mitigation.

Dodging Firewalls and Honeypots

Firewalls and network simulations are discussed.

System Hacking & Security

Learn everything there is to know about computer systems and their flaws.

Hacking Web Service and Web Application

Web application security can be compromised using a variety of tools and strategies.

Linux for Penetration testing

Learn the important goals you'll need to succeed as a professional.

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