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Michael Houeto

4.9 Rating

Not everyone fits into the traditional learning model. These online courses meet my needs fairly as I do 2 jobs. Thank you so much guys.

Marios Gregoriou

4.6 Rating

It's very nice presentations and good to know information. They are easy to follow and short length presentations but they cover broadly several issues, you can do it on your own pace, it’s really nice.

Temitope Apantaku-Omogbemi

4.9 Rating

Great course and sure promises to be a great learning curve. I could learn and further polish my competitive advantage and skills.

Adam Meiger

4.8 Rating

Online courses are a blessing for me. Eskills Academy gave me so many options to learn in my free time and excel in my performance at work.

Zeina Wessam

4.7 Rating

The course was fun to learn and there was no pressure at all with timings. I kept learning at my own pace and now using the lessons in my practical life.

Marzenna Guimara

4.6 Rating

I was looking for courses to refresh some basics and get some tips on doing things in a new way. The courses are well taught and I can now practice them without much help.

Mogkoba Roy

4.9 Rating

I travel often for work; so online courses at Eskills Academy have helped me maintain my career.

Shalim Massorey

4.7 Rating

The courses are very simple and up to the expectations at very cheap prices. Beginner to advance all the level courses available so you can choose one from them. They give proper ideas about that particular course.

Deva K. Lovochikas

4.8 Rating

I have completed multiple cyber security courses so far. Very good information in detail and practical demos. Going next for upgrade package.

Arpad Keshava

4.3 Rating

Learning with you is so easy. I think anyone can learn anything they want there. I've bought several bundles and waiting for more new ones.

Kastriot Kameti

4.1 Rating

Your lectures are self-explanatory and make it so easy for me to follow instructions. Recommended my friends to join too.

Hajrulla Shala

4.4 Rating

Quality of courses advertised is totally what promised. Living in Nigeria this is a great opportunity for me to learn new skills sitting at home.

Carlos Lutz

4.9 Rating

I love there is no pressure of learning like in a classroom. I have my classroom in my home now and it is going great so far.

Mehraz Hossain

4.4 Rating

Good customer support, good quality courses. Highly recommended for new learners who wish to explore subjects outside their regular curriculum.

Keinsac Lim

4.2 Rating

The courses are very well laid out and easy to understand. You guys have really helped me prepare for certification tests just as extra practice.

Leah Emerson

4.3 Rating

Course materials were good, the mentoring approach via the Internet was even better. ESkills Academy prepares people to carry out skills in the real world. What I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real world. Keep up the good work.

Deno Sorrels

4.1 Rating

I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your support. The challenging subject was made easy by the support offered. I enjoyed your class tremendously. I look forward to taking another class with you.

Mary Howe

4.5 Rating

The course exceeded my expectations in many regards — especially in the depth of information provided and the access to the instructor for feedback on work in progress.

Janet West

4.7 Rating

I have taken multiple courses at ESkills Academy. It really boasts a learning-at-your-own pace environment. This flexibility of time has enabled me to move forward in my career.

Susan Wold Rohde

4.4 Rating

Well designed, gives a great and useful opening to user-centered design. Thank you very much. It was a great experience for me.

Judy Whaley

4.8 Rating

A detailed course that enables the student to learn at their own pace, have access to their instructor when needed, and have tools that they can continue their education and build upon what they have learned.

Vicki Marthaler

4.6 Rating

I am a currently a stay-at-home mom, with two little kids and a household to run and I really appreciated the flexibility to study when it fitted my routine. Well done, what a great course.

Rick Rutten

4.6 Rating

I just started the process this morning and the format is perfect and the courses are well laid out.

Aimee James

4.6 Rating

Taking online classes here has been a major benefit to me. I have been able to take advantage of several online classes which has allowed me to be home for my family and work on my school work when I have time.


4.6 Rating

This was my first experience of on-line course and it was a tremendous learning experience for me. I enjoyed every aspect of the course. I have grown so much from this class, in so many ways. Thanks for everything!

Annemarie David

4.6 Rating

I really enjoyed the class and felt the challenge. I look forward to taking another class in the near future. Thanks for this wonderful on-line opportunity.

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