Course Insight:

Security of Data is absolutely crucial these days and this is the reason why many companies have moved their data to the cloud. The reason why the cloud is so amazing is that it offers you unlimited storage, offers you the freedom to virtualize, and if you are a Microsoft Azure security expert, then you can also keep your data secure no matter how advanced the security attack is.

The key concepts that you will be able to learn from this course are:


·      Maintaining security

·      Identifying & patching system’s security bugs using multiple security tools

·      Implementing protocols for threat protection

·      Handling escalation of security incidents

What can you learn?

·      You will learn all the necessary concepts important for you to pass the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Certification exam.

·      You will learn about different Azure security features.


·      Basic knowledge about cloud computing

·      Virtualization 

·      Networking

·      Automation

Who should enroll?

·      IT Experts

·      Network Engineers

·      Cybersecurity engineers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I access the course?

Want to access the curse? No worries! All you need is an advanced browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome to get easy access to the course simply from any of your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Is there a specific time duration to complete this course?

You would be happy to hear that the time duration is limitless to complete the course. It will enable you to learn conveniently according to your own pace and time.


Do I get a certificate?

Yes, after the completion of your course you will get a certificate that you can utilize to enhance the value of your resume or LinkedIn profile as well.


In what cases will I be eligible for a refund?

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